• Image of Starchild Tarot 1st Edition
  • Image of Starchild Tarot 1st Edition
  • Image of Starchild Tarot 1st Edition
  • Image of Starchild Tarot 1st Edition

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Welcome to the Starchild Tarot First edition!

The first edition of the Starchild Tarot was designed between 2010 and 2012, and produced back then in a limited run. It then went out of print, as creator Danielle Noel continued to evolve her work into different iterations, like the Starchild Tarot Akashic.

The first edition of the Starchild Tarot is now available for the first time since that initial limited run!

Danielle writes:

Many of the visuals in this deck are completely unique from my following Akashic versions, with the exception of a handful of classic keys. Vibrant colours and psychedelic windows are blended with a vintage palette of soft, photographic textures and filters. Shimmering dreamscapes, mystical portals, and lush pastel motifs are still ever-present in my signature style.

As an oracle creator, one of my main intentions when designing a deck is to help connect us with the inner landscapes of our spirit - to uncover our power as we forge our own path.

Through activating visuals, luminous dreamscapes, and gentle (yet honest) messages, each card functions as a portal for our own awakening.

There are two box designs available, which you can select below: the Classic turquoise box, and the pink Rose Portal box. Both boxes contain the same cards and booklet.

Each deck includes:

- 78 cards - including the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of the four suits (Wands, Crystals, Swords, and Cups)
- 5 x 3 inch cards with white borders
- A sturdy two-piece box with embossed details
- 400 gsm card stock with a satin matte finish
- Antique-style gold matte gilding

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